Cable/Harness Assembly


Tri-V produces millions of medical cables per year. With our conveyor assembly line, automation, robotic soldering and extensive test equipment we are capable of producing defect free assemblies very efficiently. We provide assembly, custom connector over molding, ultrasonic bonding, potting and more. Give us a call and see what we can do for you.

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Tri-V has unique experience with the Telecom requirements.From 30 gage to 4/0 wire and cable we are your one stop source.We provide tooling, cable assemblies, custom busbars, potting and more.

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Tri-V’s cable group provides a variety of cable and harness assemblies to the agriculture industry.From Center Pivot Irrigation to GPS Guidance Systems. Expertise in weather sealed connections, Coax cables, custom connectors.

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Tri-V supplies a wide variety of OEM’s with cable and over molding needs. We specialize in medium to high volume assemblies. If your product has wiring in in it we just might have the cost saving solution for you. With our automated equipment and in house built custom solutions we are unique in our ability to produce quality products efficiently.

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Automated Termination Machines

Tri-V uses Schleuniger cut, strip and terminate machines. These machines can cut wire to length, strip and apply a terminal to each end of the wire at up to 3,000 per hour. They can process from 28 gage to 10 gage wire. These are the most cost effective machine to produce large volumes of cables.

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Conveyor Assembly Lines

Tri-V has two conveyor fed assembly lines producing finished parts every 10 seconds. The cable is cut, stripped and slit and dropped on the conveyor line. Each assembly is unique where different components are added at each station until part is complete.

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Robotic Soldering

Robotic soldering stations allow for efficient and high-quality soldering. Robots are able to apply an exact heating time and application of solder is uniform for each solder joint.

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Overmolding Cables

For your over molding needs, Tri-V specializes in over molding of cables, circuit board, brass and electrical components. Using both shuttle and rotary table molding machines, running our in-house designed and build molds allows us to be a one stop shop for over molding projects.

Secondary Operations

Assembly, Testing, O’ring, 2 Shot Overmolding

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Cable Cutting, Stripping and Terminating

Schleuniger Crimp Center 36 S
Cut, Strip, Terminate machine with automatic twist and tin. Processes 10 to 30 gage wire

Schleuniger Crimp Center 64
Automated Cut, Strip and Terminate machine. Processes 10 to 30 gage wire

Eubanks 8000
Cut, strip and print 6 gage to 30 gage

Schleuniger Power Strip 9550
Cut and Strip cable to 2/0

(3 Each) Schleuniger Power Strip 9500
Cut, strip, stagger cut and slit. 30 gage to 6 gage wire

(2 each) Schleuniger Multi Strip 9480
Cut, strip, stagger cut, slit. 30 gage to 6 gage wire

Programmable Coax Stripping
Up to 6 layers

Schleunger Jacket Strip 8300
Large cable jacket stripper

Wire And Cable Terminating

(6 each) Schleuniger Unicrip 200
3.4-ton reel fed bench press. Terminates 8 to 30 gage wire

(4 each) Amp K Press
3-ton reel fed bench press. Terminates 8 to 30 gage wire

16-ton press for terminating cable to 300mm²

(3 each) Panduit 15-ton Hydraulic Crimp Tool
For terminating 8-gage to 300mm² wire

4 Point Closed Barrel Pneumatic Crimping

Hand Tools
Over 50 hand tools for doing small batch crimping

Over Molding Machines

(2 Each) Toyo ET 45
All Electric 45 Ton Rotary Table Molding Machines

(2 Each) Autojectors
10 Ton Shuttle Molding Machines

(2 Each) Autojectors
35 Ton Shuttle Molding Machines

Quality Inspection

Keyence IM 8000
Automated Optical Inspection System

Dielectric Testing
To 12,000 Volts

(2 each) Schleuniger CHM
Crimp Height Inspection

(2 Each) ESM303
Automatic Pull Force Inspection

128 Point to Point Continuity Inspection

Custom Built Gages And Testers


Two Conveyor Fed Assembly Lines

Wave Solder For Through Hole Circuit Boards

Conveyor Fed Shrink Tube Oven

Shrink Tube Cutter

Label Printers

Shrink Tube Printer