Quality Calibration Lab with tightened environmental controls for measurement instrument accuracy.

At Tri-V we recognize that quality is integral in all that we do. We take pride in our work and it shows in our results. As an ISO certified manufacturer, we are built on a foundation of continuous improvement. This isn’t just lip service; we utilize the tools and feedback mechanisms necessary to ensure transparency.

Customer satisfaction is monitored based on quote response time, on-time delivery, internal yields and external non-conformances.

A variety of tools and techniques are used in our pursuit to improve. Regular meetings are held on a myriad of topics, including department quality, operator training, 5-S improvements, vender quality, scrap, new process, and SCARs. Results are communicated to the entire area to ensure diligence and effectiveness.

Some quality tools that are used include the PPAP process (including FEMAs, control plans), part and process capability studies, root cause analysis (including the 5 whys) and operator result trending. As to our metrology and measurement capabilities, we employee two CMMs, a Rockwell hardness tester, surface tester, multiple wire assembly analyzers, and custom built gauging, along with the usual instruments. Our cadre of Management, Engineering, Quality & Production Inspection personnel is multifaceted and utilized to facilitate our program.

To best summarize what we strive for is to say that each time we step into Tri-V, we expect to get better, and hold ourselves accountable to that motto.