Tri-V Tool & Mfg. Co.

We value hard work, at the same time providing a fair price, excellent quality, and keeping a clean shop while paying attention to detail.

About Us

Tri-V was established in 1984 by the Vyhlidal brothers – Dave, John and Jim. Utilizing their backgrounds in tool & die and tooling design they came together to form Tri-V Tool & Die. The operation began in one rental bay and has steadily grown by focusing on quality and customer service. We enjoy challenging ourselves by taking on difficult jobs. As our services and capabilities increased, we purchased Elkhorn Tool & Manufacturing, expanding the business to include production machining and assembly. After outgrowing multiple bays, in 1998, a 52,000 sq. ft. facility was designed and built to house the newly named Tri-V Tool & Mfg. The extra space allowed the company to take on larger jobs and new product lines. In 2003 Tri-V became ISO 9001 certified, confirming our commitment to quality and continual improvement. In 2013 Tri-V purchased another building across the street from the current building expanding our facilities to 100,000 sq. ft.  In 2021 the last of the original founders had retired, and Dave’s son, Scott Vyhlidal took over as president. 

Work Ethic

The work ethic of the founding brothers still remains today. We value hard work, at the same time providing a fair price, excellent quality, and keeping a clean shop while paying attention to detail. The founders have surrounded themselves with a talented group of individuals who share the vision of outstanding service to customers and innovative solutions to manufacturing challenges.

Expertise In Manufacturing

From concept to prototypes and mass production, Tri-V Tool has the expertise to assist in the manufacturing process. Utilizing our resources, we are capable of handling all aspects of manufacturing including design, tooling, automation and production of components and assemblies. We can handle any part of the process or supply finished products to your specification. If you have a vision, Tri-V can make it happen.


Tri-V’s philosophy is to partner with our customers and vendors. We believe that unless a partnership is beneficial to all parties, it isn’t worth doing. Our strong customer relationships have led us into a variety of new products such as cable and harness assembly and automated machines.


We operate two shifts in the tool room and in production. Often we can do repairs overnight and have the customer up and running the following morning. We have developed expertise in Kan Ban and a variety of vendor managed inventory programs helping to provide deliveries in as short as 4 hours. Your contact at Tri-V will manage the process and control the ship date of your product. We believe in honest communication and commitment to our customers and keeping them informed of any changes in the process.