Tri-V runs two waterjets in two shifts allowing for very short lead times and very quick turnaround. The machines we use are a Flow Mach 4 and a Flow Mach 3 with a Dynamic XD 5 axis cutting head. The table size of 2 meters by 4 meters allows cuts of large shapes and almost any material up to 8 inches thick.

Due to our capacity, we welcome walk-in projects and offer next day UPS shipping to Kansas City, Wichita, and other areas!

Waterjet Cutting has many advantages compared to other cut methods.

  • Cold cutting-materials can be burned, melted, cracked, or hardened by other methods
  • Versatility-waterjet can cut almost any material
  • Depth-our waterjet cuts up to 8″ thick whereas lasers can lose practicality at 0.5″
  • Consistency-cutting power over uneven material is not as varied as with other methods