Specialization includes:

  • Precision High Speed Hard Cutting
  • 3D Contour
  • Hot Runner
  • High Cavitation plastic injection molds

What our shop has to offer:

  • Tool design as well as part design
  • New mold capacity to 500 ton
  • Repair capacity to 1200 ton
  • Emergency repairs and changes with fast turnaround
  • Making your offshore tools work
  • Help with your mold payback analysis

Tri-V also offers overmolding services for cables and other projects. For details on our overmolding and custom molded connectors services, click here to visit our cables website!

A low volume part may be built of aluminum and use hand loaded inserts to eliminate costly slides.
A medium volume part will require a medium hardness steel and slides to define side features.
A high volume part will produce multiple parts per cycle and be built of a hardened tool steel.
Some plastics require stainless steel molds or special plating to avoid corrosion of the mold over time.