Tri-V has experience in obtaining and machining most alloys of stainless steel. Common alloys are 300 and 400 series of stainless steel and 17-4 heat treatable stainless steel. We also machine all tool steels, D2, A2, O1, H13, P20, S7, 8620 bearing steel, both hot rolled and cold rolled. We also have expertise in machining carbide, CPM 10V, CPM 15V, titanium and Inconel. We provide finished castings of stainless steel, steel alloys, ductile and gray Iron. Call us or send us a file with your machining needs!

Tri-V machines all types of aluminum. Some of the commonly used alloys are 6061, 7075 and 2024. Below is an overview of different alloys and their properties. We have local partners for various colors of anodize, hard anodize, clear anodize, chromate, alodine, painting or tumbled finishes. Pad printing and silk screening are available. Let us know how we can help you and send your file today!

The International Alloy Designation System is the most widely accepted naming scheme for wrought alloys. Each alloy is given a four-digit number, where the first digit indicates the major alloying elements.

  • 1000 series are essentially pure aluminium with a minimum 99% aluminium content by weight and can be work hardened.
  • 2000 series are alloyed with copper, can be precipitation hardened to strengths comparable to steel. Formerly referred to as duralumin, they were once the most common aerospace alloys, but were susceptible to stress corrosion cracking and are increasingly replaced by 7000 series in new designs.
  • 3000 series are alloyed with manganese, and can be work hardened.
  • 4000 series are alloyed with silicon. They are also known as silumin.
  • 5000 series are alloyed with magnesium.
  • 6000 series are alloyed with magnesium and silicon, are easy to machine, and can be precipitation hardened, but not to the high strengths that 2000 and 7000 can reach.
  • 7000 series are alloyed with zinc, and can be precipitation hardened to the highest strengths of any aluminium alloy.
  • 8000 series is a category mainly used for lithium alloys.

Tri-V machines Gray and Ductile iron castings and continuous cast bar. We have relationships with foundries to supply you with finished machined cast parts. Valve Blocks are frequently machined from continuous cast bar stock. It machines easier and is of a lower cost than steel bar stock. Call us today so we can start saving you money!

A gray or ductile machined part

Tri-V builds many components from brass and copper. We do many varieties of busbars, washers, cosmetic components, electrodes and heat sinks. We have great volume buying power in copper plate. See if we can save you money with a call today!

Machined brass and copper parts.

Tri-V uses milling machines, lathes, waterjet and laser cutting to process all types of plastics. Typical uses of machined plastic components might be: electrical insulating properties, lubricity, wear characteristics or for structural components where dampening, clarity or cost are factors.

Typical plastics we might stock would be polycarbonate, acrylic, HDPE (high density polyethylene), nylon, polypropylene and teflon. Contact us and let us know your material of choice!

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